About me

My name is SnjeĹžana, and I am well known as a professional narrator for Slavic languages & localization manager. I have built a recognizable personal brand throughout years of consistent work in the audio industry.

I founded Publica Language Studio s.p. in 2006 when our voiceover industry was expanding early. Until then, I worked as a radio presenter on local radio stations in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

However, I wanted my talent and the talents of my colleagues to be heard beyond our borders. Therefore, I founded a voiceover agency Publica Language Studio s.p., to gather the best voices from the ex-YU region and beyond. In a short period, we gained the trust of corporate clients worldwide, and we worked on large and complex projects for years. In a way, we were pioneers in remote audio work.

Today there are 120 voice talents in our rooster, covering 40 languages!
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In the last 16 years, my voice has been selected by many global brands. 
Thank you for your trust.


Snjezana Zivkovic, Publica Language Studio s.p.
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[email protected]

SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/snjezanaz
LinkedIn:  ba.linkedin.com/in/snjezanazivkovic